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What's Bangor Greendrinks?

Greener by the pint, of course. Family-friendly, sustainability-focused networking in Greater Bangor.

Great beer, Great folks, & Great causes

We offer family-friendly events where we raise our pints to locals dedicated to sustainable business.

All of our events focus on growing sustainable local businesses and provide a great opportunity to network with professionals from throughout the Greater Bangor Region.

Events Every Second Tuesday

Bangor Greendrinks meets at a various locations in Greater Bangor on the second Tuesday of each month. Sometimes, we even throw a surprise event in the mix.

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Friendly And Also With Snacks

Please join us for our next event! In addition to some delicious local beer, we also bring amazing snacks.

New to town? We’d love to introduce you to the Greendrinks community. Just let us know you’re coming!

Go to The Best Part?

The Best Part?

All funds raised at our events are given back to the community through Green Grants.

We know there is a lot of creativity out there just waiting to be tapped, so if you’ve got a an idea to make our community more sustainable and wonderful, we’ve got up to $2,500 to help make that it a reality.

Green Grants By You!

If you’ve got a an idea to make our region greener, we’ve got $100 to $2,500 to help make it a reality.
More than $28,000 has been granted since 2010.
  • $4,250 to create a comprehensive map of trails in Bangor, Orono, Old Town, Veazie, and Brewer. Maps will be free and available to the public by mid 2018.

  • $500 to help fund the planning and execution of a Bangor Walkability Forum and to support need-based registration scholarships and travel stipidens to ensure all people can attend the event.

  • $500 to help fund and promote Greater Bangor Solarize, a solar photovoltaic (PV) group purchasing program that works to lower installation costs and provide a cost-effective way for communities to increase the number of residential and small business solar installations.

  • We'd love to hear from you!

Our Board

These folks ensure you have an incredible experience and would love to introduce you to the Greendrinks community!

Abby Roseberry Rice

Board Chair
Abby is from away, technically, but never plans on leaving Maine. She can be found talking about how great her dog is, and trying to get you to join roller derby.

Tom Bearor

Vice Chair
Tom was born & raised in Bangor. He has an unquenchable thirst for travel & enjoys the thrill of finding himself lost in foreign lands. No matter the time of year, he’s making the most of the Maine seasons.

Katie Foster

Board Secretary
Bio coming soon!

Greg Edwards

Board Treasurer
Greg is a graduate of Bangor High School and UMaine. His free time is spent mostly in the kitchen, on a bike, in the garden, lost in the woods, or imagining his life as a 19th century lumber baron in the Queen City.

Clare Davitt

Board Member
Clare’s a Bangor woman who left for 14 years but couldn’t resist the lure of Maine & came back in 2014. She is a reference librarian at the Bangor Public Library. From 2013-14 she lived & volunteered in Nicaragua where she led in building an eco-friendly library. She’s a big fan of beer, going to camp, & helping people find the info they need.

Kevin Platukis

Board Member
Kevin moved to downtown Bangor in 2014 and enjoys the lifestyle of a vibrant community. His hobbies are craft beer and travel. His most prized possession is his old passport having stamps from over 25 countries.

Meredith Maller

Board Member
Meredith is a born and bred Mainer, with roots on MDI dating back to the 18th century. When she isn’t bragging about her bonafide townie status and/or Downeast Maine’s many attributes, she is an attorney at Eaton Peabody. In her spare time, she enjoys long, hard walks up steep mountains and downwind sails.

Amanda Gray

Board Member
I am originally from the greater Bangor area. My husband and I currently live in Bangor with our dog, three cats, fish, and we are expecting our first child at the end of September. I am an avid recycler, urban gardener and advocate for many things, especially the environment. I also dabble in photography, enjoy all things outdoors and love beer!

Mark McLaughlin

Board Member
Mark was raised on a small farm in New Brunswick. The strong land ethic instilled in him as a youth just about guaranteed Mark would become an environmental historian. Now a professor at the UMaine, Mark and his wife Lesley moved to Bangor in 2015.

James Reiss

Board Member
Bio coming soon!

Chris Rudolph

Ex Officio Board Member
Chris has been heavily involved in community building since arriving in Bangor in 2000. Chris graduated from BRLI in 2012 and is now a member of their board. He lives in Bangor with his wife and two daughters and works at Waterfront Concerts.

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