Bangor CSA Fair

Would you like to have your own share of fresh locally-grown produce provided on a regular basis for the entire growing season? What about supporting local farmers in the process? Join us for the annual Bangor CSA Fair at Sea Dog Brewing Company Bangor, where more than a dozen local farms will be sharing information, selling shares, and offering samples to get you excited for the growing season!

In addition to meeting farmers and buying shares, there will be live music from the Salt River Boys, samples of local produce, children’s activities in partnership with the Maine Science Festival, and a market basket raffle — so bring the whole family!

This event is sponsored by Bangor Greendrinks. For more information email

What is CSA?
Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a model used by local farmers that guarantees a regular share of the harvest to members while ensuring that farms have the capital they need at the beginning of the season. Members purchase shares at the beginning of the year, and farmers then provide boxes of whatever happens to be in season on a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) schedule for the entire growing season. Different farmers offer different options, so come check them out at the Fair!

Here are all 12 participating farms and 1 fisherman:

  1. Cornerstone Farm
    • Hanne Tierney – Palmyra, ME
      Phone: 207-416-2676
      Email: and Facebook
    • Are you looking for Amazing Tomatoes? Smokey Bacon? Arm loads of Leafy Greens? And a grill full of wicked good Sausages?   Well then you have found   the   right   farm!   We   raise   our   hogs   on pasture; they are allowed to run, root, wallow, and just plain lay in the sun enjoying the fresh air! Our vegetables are crazy fresh! We grow a lot of heirlooms, which means our veggie varieties are selected to taste amazing. With all this great food, you will look like a super hero cook when you serve it up to your friends and family!  You can find us at the    Bangor, Orono, Waterville    and    Portland    Farmers’ Markets.
  2. Fail Better Farm
    • Clayton Carter – Etna, ME
      Phone: 207-951-5953
      Email: and Facebook
    • Rainbow Carrots! Tender Broccolini! Crisp Radishes! Juicy Tomatoes!  As 9th generation family farmers, we produce beautiful and delicious MOFGA certified Organic   vegetables.   We   invite   you   to bring   our organic produce home to your family, adding color, taste, and good health to your table. Our shares can be   used   at   the   Bangor, Orono   and   Waterville Farmers’ Markets.
  3. Fisher Farm
    • Beth Haines – Winterport, ME
      Phone: 207-478-4803
    • Fisher Farm in Winterport Maine has been offering CSA   shares   of   Certified   Organic   Vegetables   and flowers since 2003.   Our harvest season runs from the first week of June until the end of October.  We offer a whole share of 22 weekly pick-­‐ups for $600 and an “Every Other Week” share of 11 bi-­‐weekly shares for $320.   We have three pick-­‐up locations:  At the farm in Winterport on Tuesday afternoons from 3-­‐6 pm, 24 French St in Bangor on Thursday afternoons from 3-­‐6 pm, or 50 Congress St in Bangor on Thursday afternoons from 3-­‐6pm.   The weekly share   consists   of   7-­‐9   vegetables, seasonal   fresh flower bouquet, and a weekly newsletter with timely recipes.
  4. Happytown Farm
    • Paul & Karen Lockhouse – Orland, ME
      Phone: 207-667-9212
    • The vegetables and cut flowers made available to the Union Supported Agriculture (USA) program are provided by Happy Town Farm, a diversified MOFGA certified organic farm nestled in the hills of North Orland. Happy town has been Food AND Medicine’s “community-­‐supported” farm since 2004. The farm maintains   4 acres of vegetable   gardens   and cut flowers, raises sheep, pigs, and poultry, supports a sustainable woodlot, and does some small-­‐scale sugaring. Owners Paul and Karen Lockhouse are committed to ecologically friendly farming practices and preserve strong relationships with rural communities in El Salvador.  Happy town offers two sizes of vegetables shares in their CSA and a flower bouquet option. Work shares are available.
  5. Marr Pond Farm
    • Courtney Williams and Ryan Clarke – Sangerville, ME
      Phone: (207) 659-3519 or (207) 717-3571
      Email: and find us on Facebook
    • Looking for delicious fresh vegetables, savory shiitake mushrooms, flavorful herbs, gorgeous flowers, and happy, pastured pigs?Find them all at Marr Pond Farm! We grow a rainbow of veggies including carrots, greens, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, dry beans and many more. All available at the Waterville and Orono farmer’s markets, wholesale, and through our CSA. We also grow shiitake mushrooms, available at our farmers markets, and offer limited shares of pork by the whole and half.  Marr Pond Farm’s vegetables and herbs are grown with an emphasis on soil health and sustainable management practices. We never use synthetic chemicals on our farm, and pride ourselves on growing delicious, healthy food.
  6. Mooshine Cattle Co.
    • Lizz & Ben McLaughlin – Dyer Brook, ME
      Phone: 207-217-1538
      Email: and Facebook
    • At Moonshine Cattle Co., we believe that nutritious and delicious meat comes from healthy and happy animals.   We are dedicated to providing the individual hands-­‐on care needed to raise them that way. We raise dairy steers and have a small cow/calf beef herd. Our cattle are fed a forage-­‐based diet, but occasionally are fed grain in order to put on weight and develop a healthy bone structure as they grow. We raise our own hogs from birth.  Siblings stay together and eat vegetables, grain, left over milk, and forage for things in the grass and mud outside when the weather permits it. The chickens are raised in small batches to avoid over-­‐crowding, and so that we can minimize their stress and keep their needs well met. We know that the best meat comes from healthy and happy animals, and we are willing to put in the elbow grease it takes to raise them that way.  Ben and I love agriculture and love farming. We love our animals and love being able to provide good food for Maine people with our CSA share program.
  7. Nettie Fox Farm
    • Molly Crouse – Newburgh, ME
      Phone: 207-234-3008
    • We are a 25-­‐acre farm in Newburgh, cultivating 4 acres of vegetables for sale at farmers’ markets in Brewer, Bangor, Northeast Harbor and through a CSA   share   program.   All   our   produce   is   MOFGA certified organic and guaranteed fresh and delicious.
  8. Peacemeal Farm
    • Mark Gazzi & Marcia Ferry -Dumont, ME
      Phone: 207-257-4103
      Please find us on Facebook:
    • We grow a wide variety of MOFGA-­‐certified organic veggies including peas, beans, greens, tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes and much more. We will have seedlings in the spring for your garden and produce for winter storage in the fall.  We accept EBT/SNAP and WIC. Find us at market in Orono, Bangor, Belfast, Camden and Waterville, as well as at our farm stand in Dumont.
  9. Ripley Farm

    • Mary Margaret & Gene Ripley – Dover Foxcroft ME
      Phone: 207-564-0563
    • Everyone needs a farmer!  At Ripley Farm we want to be yours!  Through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program you commit to supporting our farm and in return we commit to feeding you 16 weeks of the best tasting and freshest organic veggies grown on our farm July through October!  That’s right: fresh salads, crunchy carrots, flavorful tomatoes…A different box of goodies every week!  Plus a weekly newsletter with great recipes!  Get yours on the farm or in downtown Bangor or even delivered straight to your door.  Check out the details on our website and join the fun!
  10. Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery
    • Charlotte Young and Jim Abramsky – Franklin, ME
      Phone:  207-565-2312
      Email: and Facebook
    • Shalom Orchard Organic Farm was established in 1995 and is located in Franklin, high on a ridge with beautiful views of the Schlock Mountains and Frenchman’s Bay.   We grow about 3 acres of mixed vegetables and herbs and 16 acres of apples, Wild Maine Blueberries, heirloom pears, raspberries and Northern kiwis.  In 2002, our organic winery opened featuring dry, fruit wines, ciders, and meads, we’re the only organic winery on the East coast.  We raise Rebuilt sheep for meat and wool products, and layers, meat birds and turkeys. We’re dedicated to sustainable   growing and MOFGA certified organic since 1996.  Our CSA operates somewhat differently. We encourage people to choose a weekly dollar amount   to spend   on their share   from   our CSA, starting at $15.00/ week and going up from there. Our shares include a wide assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit, processed products, lamb, chicken and frozen meals made from our produce and meats.   Our wines cannot be included in the prepaid share, but are available.    Deliveries will be made weekly to a drop-­‐off location in the Bangor -­ Brewer area.
  11. Snakeroot Farm
    • Tom Roberts & Lois Labe – Pittsfield, ME
      Phone: 207-416-5417
      Email: and Facebook
    • Our 5 acres of MOFGA certified organic gardens provide shoppers with the finest vegetables and culinary herbs, as well as offering blooming lupines & other perennials in recycled plant pots. We offer many unusual items including garden seeds, grapes, fiddleheads, gobo, celeriac, and dried herbs and heirloom tomatoes.  Visit our gardens and greenhouse anytime, or come to our annual guided farm tour on the second Sunday in July, noon to 4pm. Ask about our CSA plan and bulk purchases of tomatoes, basil, parsley, carrots, garlic, etc. Find us at   the   Orono, Pittsfield, Unity and Waterville Farmers’ Markets.  
  12. The Lobster Shack 
    • Parley & Caty Frazier – Stonington, ME
      Phone: 207-367-5059
      Email: and Facebook
    • Parley Frazier is captain of the F/V Jericho’s Way in Stonington.   He has been fishing for over 40 years, first as a stern man and then getting his first boat when he was 26 years old.  10 years ago, he decided to branch out and bought the Lobster Shack seafood truck.   The truck attends the Stonington, Orono and Bar Harbor farmer’s markets.  While Parley usually is found bolstering, he also catches halibut in season and this year has joined his son, Chad on the F/V Jericho to go scalloping.   All seafood in season is purchased from local fishermen when he does not catch it himself.  Seafood not in season is brought in from the Gulf of Maine.   The truck is stocked with haddock, mussels, crabmeat, cod, sole, blue fish, halibut, oysters, wild salmon, calamari and a variety of other species.
  13. Wise Acres Farm
    • Brittany Hopkins and Joy True worthy – Kenduskeag, ME
      Phone: 207-730-6214
      Email:  and Facebook
    • A beautiful box of fresh, local, yummy produce every week!  Our CSA shares feature our customers’ favorites: ready-­‐to-­‐eat baby greens and lettuces, tomatoes and carrots, and treats like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and watermelon.  We provide recipes and ideas from our farm kitchen for tasty but less-­‐familiar veggies like salad turnips, eggplant, and Swiss chard. All of our produce is certified organic by MOFGA. Our CSA season runs from July through mid-­‐ October.  We have pickup locations in Brewer (Tiller & Rye) and Hampden (Avalon Village) and on the farm   in Kenduskeag.   Home/workplace   delivery   is also available in most areas of Bangor and Hampden. Sign up online at!