October 6, 2015

Green Grants

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If you’ve got a an idea to make our region greener, we’ve got $100 to $2,500 to help make it a reality!

Green Grants Awarded in 2017


Bangor Area Trail Map, $4,250

Greendrinks is partnering with Heart Of the Penobscot (HOP) and Community Center for GIS to create a map of existing recreation trails in Bangor, Brewer, Orono, Veazie and Old Town.  It will be the first comprehensive map of the trails in our community and will help to promote the use of these incredible resources.  We plan for the map to be completed and available to the public by late spring.


Bangor Walkability Forum, $500

$500 to help fund the planning and execution of a Bangor Walkability Forum and to support need-based registration scholarships and travel stipidens to ensure all people can attend the event.




Greater Bangor Solarize, $500

We gave $500 to help fund and promote Greater Bangor Solarize, a solar photovoltaic (PV) group purchasing program that works to lower installation costs and provide a cost-effective way for communities to increase the number of residential and small business solar installations.


Bangor Farmer’s Market, $750

We have $750 to help food insecure individuals be able to buy healthy and local food at the Bangor Farmer’s Market.




Penobscot Region New England Mountain Bike Association, $2,000

We gave PR NEMBA $2,000 to help build mountain bike trails in Bangor’s Essex Woods that will be suitable for riders of all ages and levels of experience. By creating these trails, they hope to inspire beginners to mountain biking to explore the many miles of trails our community has to offer.



Green Grants Awarded in 2016


City of Bangor Public Bike Repair Station, $1,300

We purchased a public bike repair station for Downtown Bangor. Folks visiting cycling to town will be able to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance!



Bangor Public Library Bike Rack, $2,700

We purchased a bookworm shaped bike rack named Lowly for the Bangor Public Library.  Lowly will double the bike parking in Downtown Bangor while encouraging kids and adults to ride their bikes.




Friends Of Kenduskeag Stream Trail (FOLKS), $2,400

First we provided a $2,000 grant to purchases benches, dog waste bag dispensers, and trash barrels for the Kenduskeag Stream Trail.  Then we held a benefit event at Explore Bangor that raised another $400 for further trail improvements.



 Garden Beds for Seniors, $1,000

We provided $1,000 to a professor from the University of Maine to build raised bed gardens at a low-income assisted living facility in Brewer as part of a research project examining the effect of gardening on maintaining older adults’ cognition and nutrition. Science and soil!



City of Bangor, $2,500

We joined with Downtown Bangor Partnership and the City to purchase six new zero-sort recycling bins (and four additional trash bins) for downtown Bangor.



 Earth Day Festival, $175

We provided $175 to purchase twenty copies of The Wheels On The Bus, which were given to children at the Earth Day Festival held in Pickering Square.



Bangor CSA Fair, $270

We gave $270 to sponsor the Bangor CSA Fair, including paying for live music (Tough End String Band), compostable tableware, and other assorted expenses.



Green Grants Awarded in 2015


bahsBangor Area Homeless Shelter, $2,000

We provided a Green Grant to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter to assist with purchasing an industrial-grade dishwasher. This purchase helps the shelter avoid 170,000 units of plastic dinnerware from entering the landfill each year while also saving about $5,000 in operating expenses each year for not having to purchase disposables.



Water FountainCity of Bangor, $2,000

We gave a Green Grant to the City of Bangor to support the installation of two public water fountains on the Bangor Waterfront. One fountain also includes a water bottle filling station, allowing pedestrians, picnickers, and other waterfront patrons to stay hydrated and help reduce the use of disposable bottles.



Bangor Community Garden, $570

We provided a Green Grant to the Bangor Community Garden to purchase an electric lawnmower and string trimmer for grooming and maintaining their shared garden spaces on Essex Street. The community garden provides garden space for members, and also offers volunteer-led programming for local kids to learn all about growing their own food.

Adopt-A-GardenDowntown Bangor Adopt-A-Garden, $425

We held a special event to raise funds for a Green Grant to help Downtown Bangor Adopt-A-Garden expand their programming to even more downtown sites. The adopt-a-garden initiative brings community members and businesses together to beautify our public spaces with flowers and occasionally edible vegetation.



forestlogginglogoMaine Forest & Logging Museum, $250

We joined the Maine Forest & Logging Museum to support a screening of In the Blood, a locally-made film tracing the history of Maine’s timber industry with a live soundtrack performed by the filmmaker, Sumner McKane.



ButtlerCity of Bangor, $200

We provided a Green Grant to purchase four cigarette disposal receptacles to be placed in high traffic areas downtown, including Westmarket Square and the Waterfront. These bins help keep cigarette butts off the sidewalk and look great in the process!



 Green Grants Awarded in 2014


Bike Rack 1Bike Rack Project, $500

We provided funding for two shiny green bike racks located in high-traffic spots in downtown Bangor. These racks encourage cyclists to come downtown, and help make sure bikes are both secure and out of the sidewalk.



Adopt-A-GardenDowntown Bangor Adopt-A-Garden, $100

We supported a large plot of edible vegetables and flowers as part of the adopt-a-garden initiative, helping to make downtown Bangor greener and healthier.



La Leche League, $1500

We conducted a contest where Facebook fans chose Le Leche League to receive $1,500 to fund their breast feeding support library.

Launchpad Gallery, $360

We held an event to help weatherize Central Gallery.

Green Grants Awarded in 2013

Lundy Family, $515

We contributed all proceeds from our Holiday Party to help the Lundy’s pay for medical expenses related to their newborn daughter, Mabel.

Rudnicki Family, $110

We contributed $110 to help long time Greendrinkers, the Rudnicki’s, with medical expenses related to their daughter.

Champion The Cure, $500

We provided $500 to EMMC’s Champion the Cure and volunteered to provide recycling for their event.

Bangor YMCA, $250

We provided $250 to help the Bangor Y purchase bike racks for their high adventure program.


Green Grants Awarded in 2012


River City Cinema, $100

Bangor Greendrinks sponsored River City Cinema’s showing of Betting a the Farm, a movie on organic milk farmers in Maine.

Camp Jordan, $140

Bangor Greendrinks purchased a composter for Bangor Y’s Camp Jordan to reduce their food waste.