November 27, 2015

Host an Event

Why Host a Greendrinks?

  1. As a host, you have the opportunity to market your business or nonprofit to a large targeted crowd of green-minded people. Greendrinks events in Greater Bangor have drawn up to 200 people throughout the course of a night.
  2. After the host requirements are met, Bangor Greendrinks largely steps out of the way and it is up to the host to take over. Greendrinks events are intended to be totally owned by the host to do what they please– give away prizes, educate the audience with videos and pictures, send people home with literature, etc.
  3. Greendrinks builds a grassroots marketing campaign to promote your event to the community. The campaign includes an event on our Facebook page that reaches out to 1.550 +people and an e-blast to our network of ~500 people that have subscribed. Greendrinks also provides sustained publicity to previous hosts. Whenever a previous host wants Greendrinks to promote something on Facebook and Twitter, just ask us to do so, and it’s done!
  4. There is no entry fee to Greendrinks events. There is a suggested donation of $5 at the door.  This donation goes directly to the future of Greendrinks as well as the planning of Green Grants for local organizations that are dedicated to sustainability.
  5. Greendrinks will handle entrance and distribution of beer.  We ensure that no underage drinking occurs and that no visibly drunk persons are served.

How to host a Greendrinks:

  1. Be Green
  2. Space for 75-150 People
  3. Free Beer
  4. Free Food
  5. Music


  1. First, you must possess some aspect of sustainability in your business.  We ask that at your event, you give a short 3-5 minute presentation about your business’s commitment to the environment. It’s also an opportunity for you to promote your business to the crowd.
  2. Be prepared to accommodate a crowd of 75-150 friendly people of all ages.
  3. Provide free beer from any one of Maine’s local breweries.  Wine and spirits can also make a nice addition for non-beer drinkers and gluten free folks.  Greendrinks can help you out with this step, and if need be, we can purchase the beer if you will reimburse us after the event.  You’ll need enough for about 150 people.
  4. Provide free snacks, preferably from local sources for 150 people.
  5. Have music ready to go. Whether it’s an iPod, stereo, DJ, or a live band, good tunes are a must.

Other helpful facts:

  1. Greendrinks events can cost the host little as $500, or even less if you can arrange to have food or drink donated to you.
  2. Zero waste! Any disposable anything or waste from the event must be reused, recycled or composted.  Although we always ask for attendees to bring their own vessel, we do sell recyclable bioplastic cups and glass pint glasses.  We can provide single stream recycling and composting if requested.
  3. Promote the Greendrinks event however possible: flyers, email, Facebook, etc. Get your people excited!
  4. If you feel like this is a lot to take on, no need to do it alone.  Co-host the event and share the expense and exposure equally.
  5. If you feel at all overwhelmed, just give us a shout.  We’ll help you in every way we can!